How many games are you getting on launch date?

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2 years ago#61
Now Zoo Tycoon is in my line....$$$
XboxOne and my gaming addiction are perfect match :)
2 years ago#62
what's the big hubbub around the new Zoo Tycoon?
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2 years ago#63
Forza Limited Ed
Cod Ghosts Hardened
Dead Rising 3
2 years ago#64
CoD Ghosts
Battlefield 4
Dead Rising 3
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2 years ago#65
I hate topics like this...

...Only because I can't decide, regardless of the system you choose there is an amazing launch line up of title, better then any generation that I can recall.

I'm gonna get two games at least, don't need more then that to start off with and don't really have the funds to have a huge stack of games from the get go x3
2 years ago#66
most likely 3.

Battlefield 4

Watch Dogs

Possibly Knack
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2 years ago#67
Battlefield 4, full version of Killer Instinct, Forza 5, will get a 2nd controller later.
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2 years ago#68
Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, Ryse and Dead Rising 3.

Come Christmas, COD Ghosts and Assassins Creed 4.
2 years ago#69
Swap Force... Plus Killer Instinct, Ryse, and Dead Rising 3.
2 years ago#70
Possibly another 2
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