If I was forced to buy a next gen system in the next year I'd buy the PS4.

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Exact opposite for me, TC.
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BaseChouGoku posted...
I'm not getting a PS4 over an XBoxOne because of exclusives. I'm getting it because it's the better console that will eventually also have better exclusives and because I just don't trust M$

How can you declare PS4 is the better console when you have never played either one. Because people on the internet told you so? lol. There hasn't even been any GOOD videos of how the PS4's dashboard or Xbox One's dashboard works. (Don't give me the PS4 commercial crap that was all staged or the tiny snippet of the Xbox's dashboard we saw during the reveal.) And you also don't know if PS4 will have better exclusives. Xbox 360 had better exclusives the first half of last generation, PS3 had better exclusives the 2nd half of last generation. Right now Xbox One has the better exclusives as far as launch goes.
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hm, im getting a PS4 because it has a far better launch line for me.
PC + PS4 = best next gen systems with the best exclusives and the way to go.