true next gen! Xbone to support 4k gaming, PS4 will not

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"Update: A representative from Microsoft confirmed to Polygon that Xbox One games will support both native 4K resolution and upscaling to 4K. "

"The official answer is that the PS4 supports 4K output but for personal contents, like photos or videos. Not games," Yoshida said. "PS4 games do not work on 4K."

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DropDeadTriple posted...

Only if the future includes BATTERIES! /thread.
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oh look its this topic again
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Why did I see something that said Infamous reaches 4K resolution?
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Yomonachi posted...
Why did I see something that said Infamous reaches 4K resolution?

5k is the resolution of the PR shots.
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Just like the Wii was doomed for not going up to 1080p amirite
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That's funny, that's the name I would have chosen for MS next console.
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Too bad they'd never be able to PROVE this, seeing as how a game in 4K resolution would be just as big as a normal movie in 4K, which FYI is upwards of 100 GB. If not bigger.
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64-bit rops baby.