If MGS and Halo are my favorites, what do I do?

#11MetalZoicPosted 8/18/2013 9:05:37 AM
James_4ort posted...

MGS comes first... and even tho its on XBone, u need it on PS4 bc thats where the fanbase is. no-one even uses the XBone MGSV board.. you must follow the community if u want games that are not empty.

And Destiny should fill your Sifi shooter/Bungie needs..

TC, my advice is to never take the advice of someone that types like that.
#12PsychoGatesPosted 8/18/2013 9:07:46 AM
wow the Sony Ponies are here in full force trying to recruit hahaha

Im not sure how you can tell someone who is a Halo fan that they shouldn't get the next Xbox... but this is Pony logic we are talking about
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CooLJaY2kay4 posted...
I've been gaming since 1991, and have gone through favorites during each generation that were on just about every console. But I've grown to love MGS and Halo the most.

Does this mean I have to go with Xbox One next gen? Or am I going to have to buy all the consoles just like every other gen?

You needs only require an Xbox.

MGS games look/run better on Xboxs.
Halo can't be done on Playstations.

You could pretend you like another sci-fi FPS exclusive to another platform, but historically that's never worked. That'd be like settling for Atlantic Rim instead of Pacific Rim. Sometimes there are no substitutes.