Congrats Microsoft, youre already winning. Sony is lazy and complacent.

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TheSL1Club posted...
So whose alt is this? You guys aren't even trying anymore.

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I was told Sony and Nintendo fans were bad, but this is getting to be sad.
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embrandedone posted...
TheSL1Club posted...
So whose alt is this? You guys aren't even trying anymore.


Don't worry...the banhammer was applied :P
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There, TC. Is that what you wanted?
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TC got banned lmao

Too bad the rest of these garbage xbottle posters can't be banned as well
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100% correct
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I don't get how this is a troll thread? I agree with most of what he says, except I love indie games. I do not think the PS4 is going to really outshine the Xbox One in terms of graphics. People had said for years the PS3 would, and it never did.

I think Xbox One is really the console for next gen, and PS4 is just more of the same with better graphics.

I look forward to the new controller with the better rumble support. Dedicated services, thank God. Also, the cloud storage is something that is a big deal to me as well. I have a feeling the Kinect might actually be worth while this time as well.

With the PS4, all I see is more of the same.. just better graphics.

MS spearheaded an entire gen by adding achievements. Since then STEAM and PS3 completely copied this.
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psxphreak posted...
By having actual next-gen games, new cloud features, new immserive rumble tech, and a new kinct that actually delivers on its promise.

All Sony can do is talk, but the reality is they havent shown a single thing worth buying a PS4 for. A bunch of indie titles (also on PC) and the worst 1st party launch lineup ever. A no-frills OS, no new hardware features, no dedicated servers for online games, no new media apps, nothing.

Sony Ponies in Fantasy Land of Denial today.

How about those two-tone PS4 controllers that look ugly as sin?

$399 doesnt seem cheap when theres nothing to justify it over a console thats $100 more, supposedly weaker, yet has way better looking exclusives that arent movie BS like Quantic Dream and Naughty Dog titles.

Microsoft will deliver games with good gameplay and online.

Sony will keep talking, because thats all they do. Talk.

Says has better exclusives.
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LOL at this topic.
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Xbox could not lose the US market if they tried,in fact they did try and by the time Nov. rolls around everyone going to want a X1.