Is it odd that Microsoft has to buy their way to victory?

#51The_DOAMPosted 8/23/2013 7:22:14 AM
It's Microsoft and they been buying victories since they started wit the PC. They don't use their money like the TC said in making a superior product by buying adding features. No that's not their way at all. They use their money to the competition's products worse they don't need to do anything if they smear the competition. That's Microsoft and the supreme court can attest to that. Heck they purchased Rare who held Nintendo's Shooters and Fighters. Did the Xbox get a Banjo, Killer instinct, or Perfect Dark for that matter did the 360 get a Killer Instinct or Jet Force Gemini? They didn't buy Rare to make games they did it to cripple Nintendo. Also notice how the vast majority of Sony exclusives went multiplatform last gen?

Before Enron there was Microsoft and after Enron their is still Microsoft and people are surprised?
Ignorance is Bliss...