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User Info: DerekRoss

3 years ago#1
What sold you on the system?

For me,

-XBL (already a gold until '15)
-more technology

User Info: MilesTeg420

3 years ago#2
5 billion transistors.

User Info: Foppe

3 years ago#3
The color.
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User Info: cosmicstarfish1

3 years ago#4
ps4 turning out to be weak sold me
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User Info: Dev445

3 years ago#5
Dedicated Servers
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#6
Friends/family mostly.
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User Info: Bancario51

3 years ago#7
It that like HBO but XBO?
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User Info: Big Fan

Big Fan
3 years ago#8
Dev445 posted...
Dedicated Servers

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User Info: phoenix9291

3 years ago#9
Controller- Much better than the PS controller. My first console was a PS1 and I have owned the PS2 and PS3 as well. The Xbox controller is just more comfortable to me.

XBL- Member until 2015

Media/Kinect features- Yes that actually appeals to me. There have been many times that I have been watching a hockey game and then go to play a video game during intermission only to switch back to the game after the next period started.

In the current gen I found myself gaming more on my 360 while I used my PS3 more for watching dvd/bluray, going on the web browser, and playing PS2 games while I was away at school. A lot of the "hardcore" gamers may not like it but I do like the fact that the XBO is an all in one entertainment system and provides a variety of different uses to me. The power/graphical difference does not really bother me and is personally more of a luxury. The XBO suits my preferences more than the PS4.
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User Info: BoxTheMuppet

3 years ago#10
-kinect (I have kids)
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