Ladies, ladies... PS4 or XB1 I think we can all agree on one thing...

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ladies love xbox
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Which is why I'll be playing on the pC with the next gen graphics, on release day...not 2 months later.

Right?! I've been playing on a next gen system for the last 2 years!

How much did it cost to have that "next gen" gaming PC HMMMM ????

I paid a couple grand for my set up about 3 years ago

funny thing about's 2x more powerful than the next gen consoles...and it's 3 years old

another funny thing is that it would cost a little bit over $700 to build today...and it can edit 1080p video in a decent amount of time, in addition to free Netflix, Skype, and oh look! I'm on gamefaqs with it lol

Hey all of my rl friends can't afford to go PC so I still buy consoles...happy?
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Come, come, come to the years old club of "Cool guys that hate Call of Duty"! It will make you entirely unique and appealing to everyone! Do not enjoy that "mainstream" poppycock, you are beyond and above being like everyone else. So do like everyone else, and hate Call of Duty!
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But..but motion capture dogs..and realistic fish physics....oh and female soldiers this game is clearly the epitome of next gen.
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No no, you're doing it wrong. We can all agree on THIS thing:
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