Major Nelson: We've got a Live Show incoming

#91MrSpaM111Posted 8/23/2013 4:06:32 AM
Major "I want everybody to believe I was a high ranking army official when I wasn't" Nelson
"Exactly correct TC..."
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Millertime660 posted...
game freakozoid posted...
Well really now it is just having a good laugh at how dense some people can be, And lol at the, "You're still on this" post in a comment showing that you once again did check the topic. I feel like you keep trying to get some kind of win but keep falling short of the margin. (Remember, you're the guy who originally said you were done with this)

Im just having fun.... and I didnt check the topic. You keep bumping it to the top :)

And yet you still have to comment on how "I'm still on it." Have you had a post yet in this topic where you either weren't extremely hypocritical, short sighted, or flat out lying? And if you click on the topic to see what was posted, then you check it. You have no way to know who posted anything. In fact, others have posted in between us. So thus, you did in fact check the topic.
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pigman2003 posted...
"Unlike our competitors we've strived to bring you true next gen titles in addition to providing unprecedented support to smaller indie developers and will continue to support the Xbox platform with dedicated servers, the cloud, and of course the most powerful motion control device in gaming to date, the Kinect. Let's not forget we also wanted to implement draconian drm policies and restrict consumers rights and when they spoke to us with their wallets we crumpled like a sack of potatoes!! DUNCAN DUNCAN DUNCAN the Cloud! Buzzword!"