Capcom: "We're targeting 30 FPS for Dead Rising 3."

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3 years ago#81

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3 years ago#82
If anyone has not been paying attention DR3 is having some serious framerate issues and their devs are going back and forth with MS engineers trying to optimize it.

People can give X1 flack for being 15-20% less underpowered compared to the PS4 but nonetheless the X1 should be roughly equivalent to a pretty decent PC rig with a GTX 570 when you factor in driver optimizations. An GTX570 can run Crysis on ultra and DR3 doesn't look that great so there really is no excuse..I blame lack of quality on the developer side.

My advise, don't pre-order this game and wait for reviews at least..I'm picking up Forza 5, Killer Instinct, and BF4 so I'll have plenty to play without this.
3 years ago#83
CyberneticRat posted...
30fps with that many zombies on screen at once?

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3 years ago#84
pblimp360 posted...
o0stoneduk0o posted...
Lol 30fps.

Interesting...Isn't most or all of PS4's games running at 30fps?

Implying that ps4 is the only other possible gaming option.
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3 years ago#85
30 fps but 1080p right?
3 years ago#86
When a 20 fps generic zombie game is the only card you can play, you know your console of choice is in trouble.
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