Is it just me or is the Xbox One being rushed?

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Definitely rushed but so worth it.
I'm literally counting the days until I hold the Xbox #1 controller in my hands.
To feel it, to squeeze its triggers..... and the games..... Killer Instinct, Ryse: Son of Rome, Dead Rising 3, Crimson Dragon, Forza 5= the great launch line up of all time.

Microsoft made a bold statement but they are backing it up bigtime.
There's no way they can allow ps4 to launch months ahead of Xbox #1.

Yeah honestly you xb1 supporters should be offended this guy represents you.

You should be offended that you think he represents the entirety of the population who support X1. Xbox fanboys, sure, but not everyone who likes or is getting the X1.
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DeadLock25 posted...
Xbox fanboys, sure, but not everyone who likes or is getting the X1.

My mistake. I'll re-state it.

Honestly you xb1 trolls should be offended that teehee represents you.

(I'm using the "you" in the editorial sense, not you specifically deadlock.)
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Why would it be unreasonable for me to feel that it is rushed?

You can't possibly answer that objectively. There's no frame of reference, no legitimate information. All speculation. Think about what is being said. Is the xb1 being rushed? What does "rushed" mean to you?

For the second time, the thread wasn't looking for an objective answer. TC is clearly looking at it subjectively and seeking other peoples subjective opinions. It is therefore completely reasonable for other people to feel it is rushed if they use understandable foundations for their opinions.
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whitelytning posted...
the thread wasn't looking for an objective answer.

Hence my response in the first place.

whitelytning posted...
therefore completely reasonable


I don't think you're being reasonable if you think the xb1 is being rushed based on what we know.
There's some speculative evidence but until we see the games and the console in hand, making that assertion is a waste of time.
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Ye and PS4 isn't being rushed, I mean with exclusives like Knack, no way is it rushed.
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TC gave examples suggesting it will be rushed, can anyone give examples that suggest it won't be?
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SilentS89 posted...
TC gave examples suggesting it will be rushed, can anyone give examples that suggest it won't be?

absence of evidence is not evidence of absence

Even so I'm intrigued by this question and can't think of anything. But that might be more indicative of what can be used as an example to prove it's not being rushed.
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I read somewhere that the PS4 had been in development two years longer than the Xbone. I can't remember where, someone with more care or energy to put into it could find the article.
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It is rushed, but to be fair, so is virtually every console's launch lineup. We're way past the days of launch titles being system-defining like Halo, Soul Calibur, Mario 64 and Mario World.
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The fact that they announced the console in May and the company as a whole couldn't come to a conclusion on the console's policies till a couple months later despite spending weeks and weeks preaching garbage like always-online and DRM should be proof enough that they weren't ready.

Only a complete moron would've supported this console pre-180.
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