Can Microsoft win you back over?

#21Re7elaTioNPosted 8/23/2013 5:03:25 AM
Sure they could. Will they? We'll see.

The thing is, the ONLY thing I wanted in the XBO was Backwards Compatibility. Even with the DRM policy, always connected, Kinect spying on you stuff... I'd have gone with the XBO if they had just made it run my 360 games.

But, since I have to keep my 360 no matter which console I go with, I can look at the two rivals virtually unbiased and weigh the pros and cons and get the system that fits my needs the best.

And after all the announcements, the PS4 is still slightly winning the battle for me. I keep hoping that MS will announce something grand that makes me rethink my future purchase, but it hasn't happened yet.

One thing they could do that might bring me back though, would be to allow me to hook my 360 into the XBO via the handy HDMI-in port. AND... allow the 360 to then use the XBO controllers and the Kinect 2.0. Then I could get rid of my old Kinect (can't have 2 on the same TV). This might be enough to sway my decision.
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