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3 years ago#41
BoxTheMuppet posted...
BoxTheMuppet posted...
6 months young

Battlefield 4

Want some candy?

Thanks but no candy for me yet.
I'm still on formula but starting baby food this week. (So excited)
I will come check out the inside of your van though.

You take all the fun out of kidnapping.
3 years ago#42

Xbox One

The only reason people get lost in thought is because it's unfamiliar territory.
3 years ago#43

Xbox One
Dead Rising 3
Assassin's Creed 4
Currently thinking about Battlefield 4...I should prolly change my sig.
Dost thou even hoist?
Dead Rising 3 and Battlefield 4 are already a done deal!
3 years ago#44

xbox day one console
ps4 launch edition

no games yet
I play with dolls:
3 years ago#45

X1(best buy, may change to Walmart)

Cod ghost (not preordered because there's no need)
Xbox Live Sn: Nice Robby
PSN Sn: Nice_Robby
3 years ago#46
X1 Day eventually edition(didn't pre order in time lol)
Dead Rising 3

PS4 Launch edition
Watch Dogs
InFamous Second Son.

I will probably pick up Forza 5 after beating DR3, whenever that is.
You know you have been playing games too long when you shout out the window to turn off the lights during the day.=)
3 years ago#47
Dead rising 3.

Not even an xone.
3 years ago#48

Pepperoni pizza
3 years ago#49

xbox one and forza 5 on monday, possibly dead rising 3 and watch dogs as well
3 years ago#50

XboxOne : Day One Edition
XboxOne and my gaming addiction are perfect match :)
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