People say the Xbone's sale are bad. What do you do? You cry, "But the Wii U!"

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Remember Wii60? =)
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Chao_Yun posted...
Orange, I never want you as an enemy. :)

why would you say that?
PC + Nintendo
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Trouble is they need to sell these new zelda and mario games to people who actually own the console

Unfortunately for Nintendo nobody owns a Wii U
"Exactly correct TC..."
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I own a wii u and I am getting an xbox one at launch. Problem?
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MrSpaM111 posted...
Trouble is they need to sell these new zelda and mario games to people who actually own the console

Unfortunately for Nintendo nobody owns a Wii U

Yay I don't exist.=/

I own a wiiU and am keeping an eye on the XBone since I did own a Xbox360 last gen. Just waiting on more cartoon games along the lines of sonic or Banjo to come out on it before I decide. I'm on the fence with PS4 and XBone at the moment.
I've decided to go retro for now.
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Orange_Apples posted...
L4YER_CAKE posted...
Really? Because it seems like "the wii u is struggling right now with no next gen competition," and "the demand for the Wii U is nothing like it was for the Wii," should have been plenty good enough evidence to back up my point of view.

Certainly just as valid as "Third part support is crap." or "Most wii owners don't know the U is a console, but apparently all you read was "in my opinion."

Wii U is struggling because there is no software for it. Everyone knows that.

Your position is "Wii U is failing and once there is software for Wii U nobody is going to care because the competition will arrive."

My position is "Nintendo's software sells far better than 360's software."

the things you are stating are not factors for your position. They are statements about hardware, not software.

Your position is "people are going to be willing to spend $250 on a console that only plays first-party Nintendo software). Nintendo's games are good, but I don't know if they're that good.

Then again one of the biggest reasons the Wii continued to see software support as long as it did was because developers kept making PS2 games, so they could port those over to the Wii without much fuss (as opposed to having to fight and completely rework a PS360 title). If Developers are willing to keep making 360 games long enough into this gen the same thing could happen here.
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Wii U might be selling better if it had a cool name like "Super Wii" or the typical numbered name "Wii 2".
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jb08045 posted...
Unlike Nintendo, M$ doesn't have a multitude of system selling franchises to save the console when it starts to go under.

True, but unlike Nintendo, the games division is but one component of a larger whole. If it slides too far into the red MS would shut it down and levereage the other businesses and revenue to offset any deficit. Also, they have a cash surplus they could potentially use if needed.
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