Why did Microsoft let Bungie go?

#31crucialPosted 8/26/2013 11:12:26 PM
MS figured hey we got Halo let's have someone else do this game let Bungie go knowing that they would go multi plat and now have Halo and Destiny and there next titles,seem's like a win win because they would have to sink a ton of money to keep them and then support the IP's,know one really know's except that they left for a reason.
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As far as I'm aware Bungie had a contract with MS and that contract expired, no?
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The main problem was that bungie requested to have multiplataform liberty for their titles and MS refused it...so ..AWAY YOU GO !!!
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BkzIzu posted...
TrickyPony posted...
I heard Bungie wanted to make other games, plus no one played Halo because it was made by Bungie, they played it because it was Halo, and MS held onto the Halo series.

Well why didn't Microsoft just form/give Halo to 343 and let Bungie make Destiny as a first party IP.
Letting Bungie and Destiny go was a huge mistake.

Bungie made enough $$$ from Halo to buy themselves back from Microsoft. My guess is that they were affraid Microsoft will only have them making Halo games which is what Bungie didn't want anymore. I understand them for that I always love me some Bungie I will buy Destiny.

Also I agree with you why didn't they just give Halo to 343 and keep Bungie on a new project who knows what happens behind the scenes.
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Takamine86 posted...

I wouldn't want Uncharted 4 or The Last of Us 2 made by anyone other than Naughty Dog, I'm sure most Halo fans would prefer the original creators as well.

If Naughty Dog were at MS, I doubt they would have even been given the freedom to make The Last of Us, and would have had to do an Uncharted game (Uncharted 4 or a spinoff). MS weren't really interested in Bungie as intellectual capital. They were interested in pumping the Halo franchise
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Because they weren't, "Naughty Dog".
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Bungie hasn't really created anything relevant besides Halo in the last decade.

Bungie's last Halo was going downhill.

Microsoft saves money by not retaining the contract with Bungie, but keeps the Halo series.

All future Bungie games will still be on X1. I don't see the problem.
#38strawberry11Posted 8/27/2013 7:45:09 AM
FromUSAWithLove posted...
don't see the problem.

There isn't a problem as long as the franchise is resilient enough and as long as the new development team are competent. The first of those is certainly true in the case of Halo, and the second of those seems to be also true.

It isn't always the case.
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Because Microsoft is stupid
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ORANGE666 posted...
Microsoft never owned Bungie.

Bungie made games for MS on a contract, like how Gamefreak makes games for Nintendo on a contract. The contract with Bungie expired, and they didn't sign a new contract with MS, so Bungie can go make games for whoever they want.

Basically, Bungie was a 2nd party, now third party

Wrong. They bought Bungie outright for a sum of $32 million.

Halo as a franchise is now worth $4 BILLION.

Why did Microsoft let Bungie go?

Bungie got jealous of MS getting the mass majority of Halo monies, they wanted to own their ip, not the publisher. MS agreed to let them go after completion of 3 titles, Halo 3, ODST and Halo Reach.

Greed. They clearly don't mind making sci-fi fps.