Should launch games really factor in which console to buy?

#21Reflex-ArcPosted 8/26/2013 10:06:32 PM
It's just as good a reason as anything, isn't it? Why should anyone's decision if and when to purchase a product be subject to anyone else's judgment?

I personally find it odd that this subject is such an issue that it has spawned so many topics and so much ardor.
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#22ImThe8thWonder(Topic Creator)Posted 8/26/2013 10:46:01 PM
Reflex-Arc posted...
It's just as good a reason as anything, isn't it? Why should anyone's decision if and when to purchase a product be subject to anyone else's judgment?

It's definitely not a wrong thing to do, obviously. But it's incorrect to use them to measure console strengths and weaknesses, I think.
#23FustmonkeyPosted 8/26/2013 10:49:31 PM
ImThe8thWonder posted...
Both consoles will get tons of games over time. Seems silly to ignore console qualities because of a starting library. Even more so since neither has a particularly poor launch library, mainly due to multiplats, of course. I'd make my bets on console qualities that aren't as subjective or that will remain important beyond a year into each console's life.

And no, not "butthurt" over one console having a stronger launch library than the other. Mainly because I'm getting both and I barely have preference over both game selections anyways.

It's not just November 15th that people are looking at. Sony shows games off years ahead of time. Years. They always have. The fact that hardly anything has been shown yet, and based on what was shown, makes it look like another PS3 bleak first few years. Two, maybe three years.
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#25DesperateMonkeyPosted 8/29/2013 10:55:07 PM
Any idiot who buys a console and doesn't care about launch titles are wasting their money. I don't know who started this idiotic fad about "buying games for the future!" but its the dumbest new bandwagon in town.

No one knows what these consoles will do. If history has proven anything then its that it is extremely inaccurate predictor of future game releases.

Remember the Xbox original and how it only had like 3 games? Then we had the 360 vs PS3 and in the first 4 years, Xbox 360 somehow stole all the Japanese developer support? They became the premier console for schmups, jRPGs and quirky japanese titles like Momotarou and Culdcept.

PS3 on the other hand, looked absolutely nothing like the PS2 and for some reason, started focusing all their money developing like 10 separate FPS/TPS titles of extremely varying quality.

There is no way to know who will have the better games this generation (or which of these companies will even survive this generation) so launch titles are the only thing to go by. We know that 3rd parties like Multiplats so both consoles will definitely have tons of support and neither console has had a lack of titles over the past generation.
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%70 of early adopters will be focusing on multiplatformer games

Whether you want to believe the pre-order numbers from numerous websites or not
We see 1 thing that's clear

Multiplatformers (on both consoles) are outnumbering Exclusives (on either console)

That means most of us we'll be experiencing the same thing just with a different controller,
Exclusives play a part but not as big as we'd like to believe.
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