I think Xbone sounds cool and I embrace the name as to not give sonyponies power

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RyuuHou25 posted...
This topic is now about Freakazoid

No. It's about cheese and I like Feta.
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Saw "sonyponies"

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Didn't the Xbone title start when Xbox fans were talking about it and typoed? My understanding is that it was both started and was initially spread as a neutral (if not somewhat postive tongue-in-cheek) nickname for the system.

This is one of the few places I've even really seen it viewed as a negative name at all. And as someone who is getting the system day one and calls it that, I'm a little puzzled.
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Sony pony, xboner.... I don't know they both make me laugh. People just need to embrace the names.
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I think it sounds like an immature childish insult. As such I will mock all who use it.
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I think you meant Sony Stallions

Get it right next time
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I will never use that word cause it sounds like something a child would say while laughing with his freinds.
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I think XBOne is nice.
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MrSpaM111 posted...
Saw "sonyponies"

Realised TC was 12 years old

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xbot and sony ponie just make the person saying them sound stupid

xbone......i like
it might be negative, but it sounds funny and cool at the same time
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