The white Xbox One should be for sale, not the black one.

#1Garfield64Posted 8/26/2013 11:59:30 PM
Which color of Xbox One should be for sale? - Results (93 votes)
The awesome amazing crazy sexy White color
31.18% (29 votes)
The drool boring depressing VCR Black Color
68.82% (64 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Seriously why not have the white one for sale, it's so much sexier and better looking.
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#2Orange_ApplesPosted 8/27/2013 12:17:08 AM
why not both?
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#3Chao_YunPosted 8/27/2013 12:20:34 AM
White gets dirty quickly. Best for dishwashers, driers, and washing machines. I like black refrigerators, too, but that's a pick 'em.
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#4IAMTH3GUYVERPosted 8/27/2013 1:10:51 AM
The hate "WHITE" for anything. I hate white phones and I hate white consoles. My PS3 is black. My WII is black. My 360 is black. My iPhone 5 is black. My iPad is black. Hell, I even have a black friend! I'm talking silly but I'm serious when I say that I hate white products like gaming consoles and phones. They're very bland and boring.
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#5cedricthegreatPosted 8/27/2013 1:39:57 AM
No white box. My PS3 is black, my vita is black, my president is black, and my Lambo's blue.
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#6Chao_YunPosted 8/27/2013 1:42:01 AM
cedricthegreat posted...
No white box. My PS3 is black, my vita is black, my president is black, and my Lambo's blue.

I'll take the blue one for a dollar!
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#7_Elite_Bushido_Posted 8/27/2013 1:44:57 AM
i like my things to match, not be an eye sore
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#8TheMeanRockPosted 8/27/2013 4:46:48 AM
So after last gen when everyone begged for black... they decided these guys like black lets give it to em... Now they do and you're mad...
#9darkphiresagePosted 8/27/2013 6:17:22 AM
I disagree my friend. black box is as sexy as it gets, followed closely by brown and yellow boxes. this assumes the packaging is right of course. the box looses all appeal if the packaging is busted.
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#10grampamurkedPosted 8/27/2013 6:46:44 AM
One entire wall in my living room is comprised of black electronic components. Why the hell anyone would want a white box to stick out is beyond me.
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