Another stellar example of MS Kinect and the X1

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But I thought I saw a video where it was not nearly as bad as this video shows it to be, the detection of movements and such is what I am referring to. And no, it was not a trailer or anything, just people recording other people like this video, except it showed that it could be done.

Moronic Sony fanboys circle jerking the blame onto the connect and not the actual game. I've seen and played Kinect 1 games that were more responsive than that.... But hey let's also ignore the fact that the game is still in the development stage.

Ouch that was uncalled for.

How is it not called for? This thread is literally nothing but a moronic sony fanboy circle jerk.

- Lets ignore the fact that there are first generation Kinect games with more responsiveness than this
- Lets ignore the fact that the game is still in development
- Lets focus on one crappy game and claim that this is the only thing kinect could ever do
- Lets circle jerk each other with moronic comments while ignoring things like fact and logic

Also uncalled for.

Hurrrrdurrr I know amirite?! I can't wait for a reply from dis guy lololololol!!
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I swam at uni and I'm in decent enough shape, and even I don't want to have to use my body as my own controller for games. I want to play to relax, I go outside for my physical activity. Dancing games are fine for Kinect, but boxing and fighting games? No thanks.