X Box One's Cloud...

#1hardknock55Posted 8/27/2013 1:05:57 PM
Is Microsoft just hyping this up to be something it's not?


Posted this on my g+ and some guy that works at Mystic Island Games(never heard of it) said

Michael Haney

Having a better understand of the ins and outs of Cloud Computing than the average Joe, I'd have to agree with this video.

What do you guys think? Is the Cloud really what MS says it will and how it will make X Box One more powerful over time?

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Well it was a powerup for Mario.
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Cloud is basically the Kaio-ken of game processing.
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Is it anything like Square's Cloud?
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HMRSX posted...
Is it anything like Square's Cloud?

If it is then the competition is.....drum roll....boned.
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#6Ramsus082Posted 8/27/2013 1:14:53 PM
It's great if it's understood as dedicated servers for multiplayer gaming, which is good news all around that Microsoft is renting them out for fair prices. it's ridiculous if it's discussed as dedicated processing units for the XboxOne, as it's nearly use-less for games that don't require you to be connected at all times. Even if latency wasn't an issue(average American internet speeds are sub-5mpbs, game code is processed locally at the nanosecond scale..) you're not going to see any developers program their XboxOne games to scale based on whether you're connected or the quality of your connection, and downgrade visuals and performance based on the ebbs and flow of it. And even if they did, think about that for a second. How jarring would that be to the player?
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I think it's a lot like George Clooney's oscar acceptance speech.
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"The Cloud" is just servers. They can be used however a developer wishes to use them. They can just be dedicated servers for a FPS. Or they can be used to offload certain processing tasks etc....


The video above shows exactly what Microsofts Azure is.

This is something they have put a TON of money into over the years. Not just for gaming.

Maybe the video puts it in better perspective for some. When people say Sony can have this same "cloud" its not really accurate. They have sought advice from Rackspace to develop data centers. But thats way different than doing it. You cant just snap your fingers and get this done. It takes a bunch of time and a bunch of money to put in the kind of infrastructure that Azure has. Microsoft is way ahead of the curve on this. Honestly with the state of Sony as a company, they just dont have the money to do something like Azure in the foreseeable future.

Gaikai rented servers from data centers when they were in operation before Sony bought them. My guess is that Sony will go this route and rent servers for the gaikai service on their platform. Now that works. But it also costs a bunch of money. And you are offered no control over the infrastructure. It also would mean devs wouldnt have access to these servers in the same way that they do on Xbox. Simply because Sony would be renting the servers, so financially I cant imagine it makes sense for the Dev to rent them from Sony then.

Actually the video TC posted has a great example. Netflix rents its servers from Amazon. Amazon also has a streaming service, but can function at a lower cost and have more control because its their servers.
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That explains on a clear form why the cloud will not be useful when it comes to processing, and that is called Latency.

It has no clear advantage, just a marketing gimmick, reminds me of Blast processing

#10mrshowtime333Posted 8/27/2013 1:43:38 PM(edited)
vmufan posted...
That explains on a clear form why the cloud will not be useful when it comes to processing, and that is called Latency.

It has no clear advantage, just a marketing gimmick, reminds me of Blast processing


The video is mostly ridiculous. He mentions lighting being used in the cloud. No Dev would ever even think of doing that. They would offload things that arent as time sensitive. Its basically a video from a MS hater trying to sound intelligent. The example of Netflix is the only thing to take from that video.

He goes on to say Titanfall dedicated servers would be bad because what if someone is in Florida and someone is in Washington state...... That part is all you need to know about how smart this guy is....... Thats not how dedicated servers work. You are playing with people in your region. Usually, like on BF3, you pick what region servers you want to play on.