Xbox One won't be released on November 8 after all, but sometime after

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Common sense will tell you there are yield issues. And a NeoGAF post doesn't confirm FCC, and going back to common sense, it will tell you there has been no FCC. Sorry.

As another poster said earlier, I think I'd rather put my faith in what someone who puts their actual name and association with Microsoft says about FCC than someone on GameFAQs using an alt account to harass users.
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Blah blah blah troll, blah blah harass, blah new user, you don't get to have any views that oppose mine or that doesn't paint the X1 as the best. Good grief.
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dart246 posted...


would read again
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It's gonna end up releasing on the same damn day as the PS4.
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TYWlN_LANNlSTER posted...
I've never been banned. Besides, how does me detailing those above facts mean I'm trolling? I've never been moderated so clearly the staff here see the truth in that I'm just giving my honest and good views.

You've been moderated now, so I'd say what you were doing before was in fact trolling.
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Oh hey, one post mass marked by sensitive X1 fans must have meant I was trolling, even though my post was listing facts.
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It wasn't the facts that were the problem, it was the presentation of them. You posted unconfirmed stuff about yield issues and no 2013 release, then followed up with "No hope", basically saying "LOL xbox 1 sux lololol". You made that post because you knew it would incite inappropriate responses, and therefore were trolling, as you have done with the majority of your posts.
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I have Tywin_Lannister ignored, yet saw some of his posts? (not the quoted one's) what gives?
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TYWlN_LANNlSTER posted...
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how about using your primary account to troll?