Xbox One won't be released on November 8 after all, but sometime after

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I've never been banned. Besides, how does me detailing those above facts mean I'm trolling? I've never been moderated so clearly the staff here see the truth in that I'm just giving my honest and good views.

So youre telling me the user Samwell_Tarly that was trolling this board and got banned for it wasnt you? Both accounts just happen to be named after Game Of Thrones characters and you showed up on this board after that user got banned, all of that is a coincidence?

Its Astute class. He has over 300 banned accounts. And is welsh unfortunately
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Blah blah blah troll, blah blah harass, blah new user, you don't get to have any views that oppose mine or that doesn't paint the X1 as the best. Good grief.

You're kind of besmirching the name of Tywin Lannister talking like that.

Please stop at once.
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2014 delay worldwide incoming? Because the 2014 delay for 8 countries wasn't good enough.
I feel it. Can you feel it?
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