Madden 25, or NBA Live 14

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3 years ago#1
I need to get 1 game on disk for next gen. so im not sure which since sports games come out each year its the only thing on disk Im getting

forza, dead rising, titian fall and halo im getting digital dl since I don't see those games coming out each year and will last much longer.
3 years ago#2
Neither. NBA 2k14
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3 years ago#3
maybe I used to love Live for the controls never felt 2k did it right, looked better but control was off
3 years ago#4
hard to say since we have seen nothing of NBA Live yet. But Madden is the same game as last year.
3 years ago#5
Still saddened that there is no NHL 14 for next gen. Then again it probably would be pretty much a copy of the current gen's game.
3 years ago#6
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3 years ago#7
nhl and tiger are both not coming for next gen this years.. it just means tiger 15 and nhl 15 will be so real amazing for xbox one they needed an extra year to get it together.
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