Microsoft passed FCC certification before the PS4 says Larry Hryb

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2 years ago#31
bessy67 posted...
darkshadowmaster posted...
Decimator11 posted...
darkshadowmaster posted...

This is news?

Since everyone made it that way, it has become news.

Am I missing something though? Why does this matter?


In other words, the trolls need something to troll about.

Nah, there's enough negativity surrounding the Bone for the trolls. No need to make stuff up.
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2 years ago#32
DarkMasterShake posted...
zepfya posted...
lilj812 posted...
zepfya posted...
Microsoft is lying about everything, according to the no life Sony fanboys.

They certainly lied about a lot.

Name me one thing they lied about?

Xbox needs Kinect to function.....

In what f****** world is a feature that you directly control and have the power over, somehow become a lie when that feature is removed at your own discretion? Are you that dense?

By your idiotic logic, when anything changes about a product, it becomes an automatic lie. Now every game that has DLC is a lie.

They NEVER said that it is physically, or technologically impossible for the console to work without the Kinect because of some magic hardware requirement. It was obvious that this was a mandatory software feature that they implemented because they wanted to, and when asked if the feature is required, they said yes, because at the time, it was required by them, not by the laws of physics.
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2 years ago#33
Next Xbone news: since it passed FCC before its main competitor, it's more powerful !
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2 years ago#34
Makes sense why devs were using PCs to show the games. Who knew MS was so far along in the process? Weren't they talking about changing things too, which would create another review process?
2 years ago#35
wow this whole FCC certification ordeal must be so imporant in life that multiple topics need to be created over something so insignificant to the gaming industry.

wow. M$ got their product certified. good for them.
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