Are you moving from Xbox to PS4 for the next generation?

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Now that's oatmeal.
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Foppe posted...
You misspelled Pinkie Pie!

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Topic is a failure and I'm ashamed to have voted.
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Answering the topic= no, I'm not stupid.
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BeefEaster posted...
I'm moving from xbox 360 and ps3 to xbox one and ps4

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I'm moving from PS3/360/Wii to PS4.
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I'm moving from PS3/360/Wii to PS4/Wii U /XboxONE
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It's funny that Pinkie Pie got 14% of the votes.

Still, it seems the Xbone has an uphill battle.
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Izec posted...
Topic is a failure and I'm ashamed to have voted.

There, there, eventually you'll learn to live with it.