Nintendo says meh to X1/PS4 launch...LOL!!! X1 & PS4 launch>Wii U.

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" We’ve got Donkey Kong."

DK alone, is better than anything the PS4 will get (not to say that the PS4 won't get anything good, it's just, 2D DK is TOUGH competition).

Hell, DKC2 >>>>>> the entire PS3 library.
It's not called the greatest platformer in video game history for nothing.

Nintendo isn't competing with Sony and Microsoft, not because Nintendo is afraid, but because Sony and Microsoft can't really compete. I love Sony's machines, but their first party stuff is garbage, and Microsoft's is slightly less so (I won't lie, KI has me intrigued. It could either be really good, or pure trash).

Sony and Microsoft are reliant on third parties.
You could buy either console, and you'd get the exact same experience.

The only MAJOR flaw Nintendo's machines have, is weak third party support.
I'm willing to bet, if Nintendo got all the third party support that the PS and Xbox get, that those platform's sales would be a LOT lower.

Hell, save yourself the trouble, and just get a gaming quality PC, and a Wii U.
There, now you get the best games in the industry, and you get solid third party games, of which may as well cost you peanuts.

Stop posting.

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Meh is right honestly.

Oh but lol at this guy comparing a launch lineup to a lineup of a year old system.

Wanna know how "talented" Nicki Minaj is? Have a laugh. XD
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Donkey Kong Country is a recently revived IP and that series is heralded as the best 2d platformer of all time even by todays standards. Even though most peopel are confused and in reality that trophy goes to DKC 1 not DKC 2 simply because that's my opinion.

But many people who had a SNES will be buying a WiiU or a 3/2ds for Donkey Kong Country Returns. People say rehash but the Nintendo is old and it has many more series it hasn't touched in years whose return could send ripples in the gaming market. Personally a Kid Icarus WiiU might just be one of those games or a Diddy Kong Racing as that type of racer is pretty much nonexistant though transformed scratches at it. People might once again scream rehash but can't quite be a rehash if it's been out of the market for such a long period. Heck if Killer Instinct was a rehash I bet many more people would be interested with it but no those idoits changed up the story for instance how the hell they going to say glacius is some dude in a power suit?????

Basically I agree meh, most of the games are multiplat anyway
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The WiiU entire library to this point < X1/PS4 launch games.
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As of late.

Lol no
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the wii u might be lacklustre but it still has the best game hunter <_< damn them.
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the wii u might be lacklustre but it still has the best game hunter <_< damn them.

Isn't the upgraded 3rd super ultra extra version goin to ps3 also. Plus the mmo is coming to the west
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Nintendo is not even part of the console wars lol... They're literally the most delusional company in the business
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Nintendo literally has no games and is still way overpriced. The system should be atleast $200 but even then there's no games for it.
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Pikmin 3
Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate

Coming soon:

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze
Super Mario 3D World
Super Smash Wii U
Mario Kart 8
Sonic Lost World
Wonderful 101

These are also only the games that I'm going to be getting, there are more out there.
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