60 frames per second with less detail or 30 frames per second with more detail?

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60 fps no doubt take a example of one of my favorite series Fatal Frame its survival horror which has slow gameplay the first is in 60fps while it's sequels or 30fps and below

first one

second one

there is a reason people say the first is still the scariest it looks way more natural.

I don't see any difference between the two.

The reason you don't is because youtube videos I think lock to 30 FPS. You'd have to see the gameplay footage being played right before your eyes. Compressed video won't likely reflect the quality of 60 FPS.
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60 frames, I don't really care about graphics.
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That's because all youtube videos run at 30 fps

As an aside, youtube sucks for this reason.

For that and the fact that they also limit sound quality.
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This is much closer than I thought it would be. And sorry I didn't add more poll options, I wanted to keep it simple.
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Izec posted...
60 frames, I don't really care about graphics.

60 fps is still better graphics. Just a different kind of better graphics.

Both answers are saying you care about graphics.
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Frame rate, every time. Any genre, any game mode. Frame rate all the way.

Frame rate > Resolution > Fidelity
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720p, High Graphical Detail, 60fps

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Depends on the game.
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