ryse gladiator co op ? local? also...?

#1xboxxx1Posted 8/30/2013 11:48:52 AM
Im really lovin the game..but my main concern is dat I see theres a co op in the gladiator mode as far as online.... It dun matter to me long as I will b able to play with sumone on the couch..? Or u dink it will have a co op local? How is it going to work u dink cuz me n my gf love hack n slashes lol
#2lilj812Posted 8/30/2013 11:55:09 AM
People will insult you for your grammar, misspelling, and vocabulary here.. So I hope you have thick skin.

As of now, I'm not sure. But I can say that the game started as a kinect game.... So...
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#3CyhortI82Posted 8/30/2013 1:57:29 PM
Again in English please.
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#4RollnThunder213Posted 8/30/2013 2:00:19 PM
The Twitch PAX stream I saw this morning had two devs sitting right next to each other playing so I'm going to say yes to the couch coop question most likely.
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#5SpaceMarineZackPosted 8/30/2013 5:40:54 PM
CyhortI82 posted...
Again in English please.

stop being a D-bag please.