What can Microsoft do with the cloud that Sony can't?

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Blast processing.
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Integrated synergy across the board.
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Apparently, Microsoft can market their cloud better than Sony.

Apparently, Microsoft have been doing everything they can to try and misguide people who dont understand what the cloud is, and have been making it out to be more than it actually is.

The bottom line is the cloud services are going to be practically identical on both consoles.

This is just a wrong statement. And im not sure how you come to that conclusion. Sony has zero server infrastructure at this point in time. Sure, like last gen they will be renting servers for things like game saves and GaiKai. But that in no way is identical to what MS is proposing.

"Sony has zero server infrastructure at this point in time."

Yes really. Sony rents their servers. They have nothing like Azure. GaiKai RENTS servers. Why is this so hard for people to grasp?

So you are stating Sony does not own 1 server. With a straight face?
Good luck
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Sony can't watch you while you are sleeping with their cloud.

Monitoring doesn't require the cloud. Anyone with even the slightest bit of intelligence would know that.

Yep, I just destroyed another troll.

Um... okay...

Not sure how you consider what I said trolling, but whatever floats your boat. It seems like trolling has become more of a "I disagree with you but am too lazy to argue" than anything else there days.
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Sony do not have the resources to do this, they will hope for a massive uptake on PS+ and use that to rent servers.

I'll take indie titles that are fun and innovative to play over another boring ass first person shooter or prequel/sequel.
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They can brag about it. That's all M$ can do with the Cloud that Sony can't.

M$: Our console is far, far weaker than the PS4, but we have THE INFINITE POWER OF THE CLOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!

Sony: We have the Cloud. It's nice. Thanks for buying the PS4.
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