You Can Thank Skype for 'Higher Quality Voice Chat'

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HeavyLight posted...
You Can Thank Skype for 'Higher Quality Voice Chat

So the new audio outputs that are incompatible with previous hardware have nothing to do with it?
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NSGraphite posted...

Things being free on the ps4, but behind a paywall on xbone.

Yea, but its always been that way on this current generation
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I like how they need Skypes codecs and a dedicated audio processor to improve what other games did without any of that. Xbox party chat is terrible quality, and ingame chat is usually better, but it varies game to game. Just listen to black ops 1 crystal clear quality compared with mw3.
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I listen to a lot of podcasts, and all I hear are people complaining about Skype and how 'Microsoft ruined a good thing' and how Skype is always dropping calls, so I'm not exactly thrilled because does Microsoft have a back up if Skype fails mid game?