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#1AzeiryousPosted 9/1/2013 5:48:57 AM
Ok i have 3 gold accounts and 2 silver accounts on my 360. when i transfer these accounts to the Xbox One will the time remaining on the gold accounts stack together???

Xbox One in what it sounds like is 1 twelve month gold membership can spread,to any number of accounts on the One. Is this correct.

Sort of like the family plan on the 360 but on a much bigger scale.

Can someone help with exact details of how the new xbox live gold setup works?
#2DeadLock25Posted 9/1/2013 6:49:43 AM
Your gold membership is stuck to your account so yes it will transfer over with your gamertag to the Xbox one.

With the whole gold sharing thing, Xbox one has something different from the current set up.

Each of your XBL gold Gamertags can designate one Xbox one as the Home console, and if you do that, anyone who is using that console can get the benefits of gold without you ever signing in. You can only have one home console assigned to your gamertag at once but if the console has a gamertag with Gold on it then everyone gets the benefits of gold. If that gamertag did not assign the console as the Home console, then everyone gets the benefits of gold only if a gamertag with Gold is currently signed in. So you can assign one console as your home console to give everyone using the console gold for free, and sign in on a second console to give everyone using the second console gold for free until you sign out.
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If you have multiple accounts on your Xbox One and only one has Gold membership, all of them can take advantage of what Gold has to offer.

You can do the same on other Xbox One's with friends accounts, as long as your account is logged in on their X1, they can also take advantage of Gold. No reason to sign in as a guest for CoD or other games that require Gold.

This website has all of the details:
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thanks you two, would have been sweet if this went towards the 360 also