If xbox1 fails it could be MS' last console.

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It was always going to be this way, the power of the cloud is Xbox 4. Consoles are doomed anyways.
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They could very well end up like Sega if they were to go bankrupt using halo as their anchor.



Isn't that the same for everything in life? It may be your last chance if you don't obtain a college degree and stop working at wally world.

WHAT?! Actions have consequences?

What has this world come to?!?
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With the amount of money being poured into the Xbox One, its failure would guarantee MS quitting the console business. It's a publicly traded company, and as such reports to share-holders. Unless it's absolutely bleeding the company dry, they'd probably let it run in the red for 3 years, maybe 4, and reassess the situation if there aren't any visible gains. As Sega can attest to, axing a system early will result in a major blow to consumer confidence in the next one. The Dreamcast was awesome, but it failed to get any traction because of the 32X, Sega CD, and Saturn losing more people each time...

Nintendo managed to ride out the GameCube's failings with massive GBA and DS sales. The Wii U and 3DS are both less successful than their predecessors, so Nintendo is in way more trouble than MS. At least they have a ton of other revenue streams and a higher overhead.
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Maybe Sega will come back.
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scoobydoobydont posted...
It was always going to be this way, the power of the cloud is Xbox 4. Consoles are doomed anyways.

Consoles are doomed? Just like PC's thanks to tablets right? Get the **** out of here with that nonsense.
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