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What age do you think kids should game? (Archived)
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Can the Xbox One really compete against the Wii U (Poll)
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The real reason ps4 is beating xone in sales (Archived)
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What does Forza 5 Game of the Year edition include (Archived)Xeeh_Bitz111/19 2:42PM
Xbone is #13 on Amazon's current video game bestsellers list. (Archived)
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JiZamez6011/19 2:38PM
Crystal Dynamics and MS should partner up for a superhero game. (Archived)-EvilSoul-411/19 2:33PM
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Would you rather have resolution parity or graphics parity? (Poll)
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Megamushroom6661311/19 1:57PM
Can't the xbone handle adding extra greenery to a port of a last gen game? (Archived)
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OpheliaAdenade2111/19 1:56PM
Should M$ reverse their Policy on free game Patches/Updates? (Poll)Road_Kill_666811/19 1:45PM
People who own both, you prefer PS4 or Xbox One? (Archived)
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SnoicFactor2611/19 1:42PM
2 Day Trial code (Archived)Fanthem211/19 1:32PM