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3 years ago#1
Hi guys, this question has probably already been covered but I can't be bothered to scroll through all the past topics to try and find an answer.

My Xbox Live Gold membership is now coming up for renewal and I have pre-ordered Xbox1 day launch console. My question is, if I renew now on my 360 will the membership transfer over to X1 or will I have to buy a new membership when it comes out?

Second, if it does transfer over will my membership still exist on my 360 as well?

No point in renewing my membership if I have to pay twice.

Like I said probably been covered before but if u could help us, you'd be a star. Thanks
3 years ago#2
It does not transfer, it is the same account used on both machines, no need for new one.

Both machines can even be logged in at the same time on that 1 account. :D
3 years ago#3
renew away!
3 years ago#4
Nice one guys, I checked the FAQ sticky after posting this message and it said the samething. Should have done that first.
3 years ago#5
never hurts to ask!
3 years ago#6
Yeah keep your gold for the free (albeit old) games.
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