I told Gamestop that they WILL by my Kinect for $100, and they agreed.

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I like having all the new tech, be it phones, tablets and even video games so I decided to pre order The XBOX ONE but im not a fan of this Kinect that it comes with. It just seems gimmicky to me but that's irrelevant to the story so never mind me im rambling a bit.
Any who I told the two guys, well they really looked like teenage man children, that I really don't want the Kinect and asked will they buy it from me. Well the leader of the two bumbling dim wits started some pre rendered speech, obviously written by a Microsoft employee, about how great the XBOX Kinect was going to be and how I would miss out on so many cool features. I really didn't want to hear this so I grabbed the kid by the shirt collar and lifted him into the air. Immediately his mouth breathing co worker started screaming uncontrollably and opened the cabinet behind the counter and jumped in it and started crying. I could hear him whimpering like a small puppy.
Now the guy im holding buy the shirt collar lets out a fart that smelled like Hot Pockets and Monster Energy Drink. I guess I scared him that bad. I literally threw up a little in my mouth it was so foul smelling. He started shaking like someone whos freezing to death and sputtered something about wanting his mommy.
Finally I threw him into the glass case behind him and he shattered the glass and fell to the ground. All the game cases in the glass case immediately fell on top of him burring him in an avalanche of PS3 and XBOX 360 games.
Finally a manager, some 40 year old neck beard, came from the back office area. He had spaghetti sauce all over his shirt and face. I guess he was eating and hear the commotion. He said that he'd gladly pay me $100 for the Kinect and even gave me GTA 5 early if i'd just let him live to maybe one day feel a womans touch.
As I was leaving Aubrey the hot chick who works there was coming back from lunch and said she was having car trouble and asked me if I could "give her a ride" home later tonight. Yeah and we all know what that means. Well im heading off to pick up Aubrey now to do my thing and then im going to play my early release GTA5. So if you want Gamestop to buy your Kinect just do as I did and youre welcome.
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The average lifespan of a raccoon is ~5 years.
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Hilarious title followed by a wall of text full of lies....Why bro?
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This happens to me everyday.
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My head just exploded.
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would not read nor recommend
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Hahaha thank you TC! This gave me a good laugh
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all you naysayers are sad. I was there, this actually happened, actually, I was this Aubrey person and I was wearing a skirt at lunch. I'm pre-op so I can't wait to reveal my not so little secret on the ride home tonight.
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^lol incoming Crying Game
Death isn't the exit of existence. It's the entrance into eternity. R.I.P Zora Nelson 3/6/13 Forever loved
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SunDevil77 posted...

What do you think those 5 large blank spaces are in the op?

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