It will be a catastrophe for the Xbox One and Halo series if Halo 5.....

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Halo 5 will more than likely sell more in its first week than Killzone does in it's first year.

Implying that many people will buy an Xbone >_>

Logical implication considering its sold out.

fact > implications.

ps4 is dominating xbone. pre-orders of xbone are mostly die-hards.
after that? nothing.

So basically, you advocate facts but you don't offer any except irrelevant ones. XB1 has less pre-orders because they limited the number of pre-orders so how can that tell us anything?

Another fact is that pre-order ARE the diehards for both consoles. Casuals don't pre-order. We also know those casuals and core gamers that don't pre-order make up the vast majority.

You claim it won't sell after the die hards which is clearly baseless speculation. Casuals in fact, might like Kinect far more than the die hards. Kinect may also get good rep once it releases and sheds the stigma of Kinect 1.0.

Sorry where are your facts?
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Halo series pretty much created FPS for consoles. Killzone can't touch Halo.

I thought that was GoldenEye...?

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Highly doubtful. Killzone looks like the most generic and boring of the announced next generation shooters. Destiny, Titanfall, Battlfield and so on all look worlds better. The only reason Killzone has any attention at all is because there are no other real exclusives at launch. If this was going up against, say Uncharted 4, then no one would even give a rats ass about it. On top of it all, its P2P.

Its going to be lucky to sell a third of what Halo does.

lol at Titanfall not looking generic.

Yeah. That futuristic, mecha, mass-scale, first person shooter with parkour elements is obviously your typical, bland fps...

I mean, seriously. Could you have possibly picked a worse game to point to and scream "you too!"?

Can I scream "you too" at Titanfall since I can name "the futuristic, mecha, mass-scale, first person shooter with parkour elements" being taken from 2 franchises?

FPS with parkour elements came from Mirror's Edge. Which leaves it with...
"Futuristic, mecha, mass-scale, first person":

What makes my link far superior to every other FPS in existence is that is is one of the first, if not the first game, to also have RTS in an FPS by reversing what Dungeon Keeper introduced.(an RTS with the ability to posses one of your creatures aka FPS mode)

*teleports out*
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I'm sorry but you need to learn how to make an argument. Saying Titanfall didn't invent parkour has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that its not a generic shooter.

You didn't list ANY games with parkour, mechs and marines that has any kind of similar gameplay. The fact that you digged so hard for a pathetic game to make a comparison just goes further to prove how its not generic. If it was generic, you could easily draw comparisons to a dozen other popular and recent games.
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I'm getting a ps4 on launch and love fps but have 0.00 interest in a new killzone game...hate that series.
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The last 2 Killzone games sold around 3 million each, and that was when Playstation 3 already had a huge install base. Every single main Halo game has sold between 6 and 12 million. I really don't think Halo will be taken down by Killzone anytime soon.

Halo 4 sold 3 million less than Halo 3, see the decline in the series?

Major Nelson confirmed Halo 4 has outsold Halo 3.
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I thought a lot of the kz pre orders where because it was bundled with a launch ps4 by amazon and probably others. I've even read on here people saying that they pre ordered the bundle and will sell kz.