With more and more ISPs turning to data caps each month

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I've downloaded my whole Steam Library onto a new 3TB HDD I bought and only had about 800GB left by the time I was done. That was all over a weekend....needless to say, I don't have to worry about a cap:)
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Get cable internet.

No caps.

Last month I blew through nearly 120GB of data.

I have cable and I have a cap, damn comcast.

If you have Comcast, you dont have a cap. They lifted that at least a year ago.
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What happens if a game uses the cloud but I capped on my internet usage, I can't play it?

caps have to end or at least usage has to go up a lot. Way too many things are affected by it. IN canada, at least most regions you really can't rent blurays anymore, you have to stream your movies. Then there are services like netflix.

The internet companies can't continue to hold the progress of so many industries and technology at bay for too much longer, especially when many of those companies are beginning to offer streaming services.

I also do not thing the data that is sent to and from the cloud is significant. A week of average gaming probably would not be much more than a couple of HD you tube videos.
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Does goog fiber have these probs?
They advertised unlimited.
Is is limited?
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Get unlimited internet, it's pretty simple. I have no idea why people don't get unlimited internet anyway when they sign up for it.

Lots of places don't OFFER it. So....congrats on ignorance.

What kind of company doesn't offer unlimited Internet, must be some crap companies in America.

Which is...

*drum roll*

...Xbox One's biggest market.