Are you buying extra warranty with your xbox one?

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Never buy a warranty. If you **** it up, it's probably not covered. If it's their fault, it'll likely happen to a lot of people and hopefully force them to fix it for free. It's rare that anything falls in between, so warranties are pretty useless.

You're better off, instead of buying it, putting that value of money into a separate bank account. Every time you buy something. Eventually, if any of those items break, that account can likely cover its replacement with money to spare.

Also, a lot of credit cards come with extended warranties for all goods purchased on that card. So use a credit card and look up the terms. credit double the actual warranty(max 48 months for acticle under 1000$) 1 year in the box x 2 = two year of warranty...:)
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How much does it cost?
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I bought the Square Trade one when I preordered mine from Amazon.
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How much does it cost?

Nothing....i have just to pay with it...
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I'm here to tell you all that a warranty is a good idea.
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