what if microsof comes later with the drm policies and used games and betray us?

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gameboybryce posted...
Microsoft has already said we're moving to an all digital age soon and they want in still. Go watch the Microsoft interview on RevGames on youtube and listen to what he says. Never once did he apologize. Instead he states that their policies weren't bad and that people overreacted and that things would be different if they marketed it better. Does that sound like they learned the error of their ways or that they'll try again when they feel they can get away with it.

Indeed. The only reason Microsoft changed those policies is because the Xbone was going to flop completely. As soon as they think they can get away with it, they'll be back.
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ghostofspartap posted...
i dont know but when the xbox one sells millions microsoft can come with these policies back after millions of us has bought its console. if this happens what you gonna do?

This is one of the two reasons I'm not buying an Xbox One :(

1: no kinect free bundle
2: lack of trust in Microsoft (feel they will sneak drm back in..slowly)
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Doesn't Sony have something on the PS4 that would enable them to turn DRM on at any time.

Im no fanboy of anything but one company can only be as bad as a company they are competing with!

I dont think we'll see DRM on physical copies on ps4 and xb1 but I believe we will see heavy digital DRM on xb1 AND ps4!
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I suspect that digital distribution will be common enough a few years later that
1. MS won't really need to turn on DRM for physical disks and/or
2. people won't notice if MS turns on DRM for physical disks, because they'll be used to the DRM from digital games.
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TheApd_Returns posted...

you keep ignoring that the key incentive to do this is monetizing the used game market for themselves.

restricting disc copies to online-based licenses 3-5 years through the lifecycle will fragment the market. it will not serve the economic purpose of giving microsoft a substantial stream of money due to said fragmenting of market, thereby removing any real incentive for execs to greenlight this. it's a haphazard strategy.

if they can't get a good revenue stream off of online license model, forcing all games to be online, whether through soft measures as making every game use the cloud or hard measures as in requiring an online check-in for the console, serves no real purpose. therefore, online DRM it won't be implemented unless they have a very comprehensive strategy to smoothly transition the market into their used license model. which would be nigh-impossible 3-5 years in.

you need to stop looking at this from johnny the rights-concerned gamer angle and start looking at it from microsoft "will it turn a profit or not" angle. there is just no real forseeable capability for them to transition a product in the middle of its lifecycle to a completely new license system and expect to make any sort of economic headway.

You misunderstand why they're doing all of this. It has very little to do with the used games market. What it has to do is what the guy from Microsoft said in the interview: a Steam like service on Xbox. Steam makes Valve a s*** ton of money. And when I say a s*** ton, I mean the size of garbage floating in the Pacific Ocean (which is the size of Texas btw). Microsoft saw that and thought they could take it and make a s*** ton of money too. Used games was just a bonus that they thought they could get people on their side by using. Which sounds better: "we want to curb used games sales because it's hurting our developers" or "we like that Steam makes Valve a ton of money and we want a piece of that too" With a Steam like service on their device (digital only) they could control the prices of their games and no one could stop them. I.e. a s*** ton of money. They made the mistake of not realizing that the PC market and the console market are two different markets and what works in one won't always work in another.

With that being said, this is why Microsoft can and arguably will still implement these changes in the Xbox One. By phasing out physical games they can control everything through XBL Marketplace.

levelshooter posted...

Doesn't Sony have something on the PS4 that would enable them to turn DRM on at any time.

Im no fanboy of anything but one company can only be as bad as a company they are competing with!

I dont think we'll see DRM on physical copies on ps4 and xb1 but I believe we will see heavy digital DRM on xb1 AND ps4!

They have the same system in place that was in place on the PS3. The ability for any publisher to implement their own style of DRM. Sony has chosen not to use any DRM and other publishers are following suit.

And I'll say it, imo Sony won't and never were going to implement the kind of stringent DRM that Microsoft was. Like I've before Japan doesn't play that DRM s*** and Sony would be stupid to try to release two different versions of the console.
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The 24h online was primarily for the resale of physical discs. so people wouldn't be able to still play their disc games once it had been deactivated. digital downloaded games require online to download and resale so wouldn't need 24h online

Instead of putting restrictions on the use of discs, they should've left them the way they are now. but kept their trading policies on the digital games. Give people an incentive to buy digital by offering extra content on those digital purchases.

Point is, if they want to move to digital distribution, they should've added extra value to digital purchases, not restrict the physical.
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The silly X-bone consumers would still plop down money on MS's next system.

I also wouldn't be surprised if Sony backtracks at some point, but we'll see
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Microsoft pulls that and there will be no 4th generation Xbox. Microsoft is greedy and ignorant at times but they aren't stupid enough to know doing this again during the consoles life is going to hurt the bottom line.
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I seriously doubt Microsoft would bring back the drm. That would be a PR disaster. But if they did I'm sure some of the die hard fanboys would take it in stride. :)
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We wont see these policies again until next gen. When both Sony and Microsoft implement them.