Xbox One is struggling in sale? Lack of Demand?

#61jasonkingmarkPosted 9/9/2013 5:11:41 PM
DarkestSouls posted...
PS4 has 7 different editions/bundles - all editions/bundles sold out
Xbox One has 2 different editions/bundles - only 1 edition sold out
Plus we know there are more allocations for PS4: There are 4 different PS4 editions in 2013 Amazon Best Sellers. Only one Xbone edition

Best Buy Online
PS4 has 2 different bundles - all sold out
Xbox One has 2 different bundles - none of them sold out

Walmart Online
PS4 has 2 different editions - one edition sold out
Xbox One has 2 different editions - none of them sold out

Plus anecdotal stories in Gamestop where PS4 preorder number is better than Xbone with ratio 2:1 to 3:1

Those 4 are the biggest game console distributors in North America. If Xbone is struggling in NA imagine what it would be like in the rest of the world

Is this your way of trying to pursuede all of us to buy a ps4? I dont get these trolls they act like xbox sales will affect their lives in some way.

Truth of the matter is unless your bill gates or the ceo of MS you probably shouldnt worry about stuff like this.
#62Ramsus082Posted 9/9/2013 5:17:24 PM
I care very much about which console will sell more. I'm not buying these things for their launch games, believe me. I'm essentially placing my bets on which console I believe will have the most development support. The console with the most dev support will have the larger variety of games, and perhaps even the better-looking ones. This matters a great deal to me.