What could make X1 more appealing?

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User Info: _Sovereign_

3 years ago#31
ScreamingMidget posted...
BruceLee1974 posted...
They could have a deal where if you buy a Xbone console Microsoft will give you a free PS4 as well. THat will make millions of people buy one.

That is pretty much the only thing that would make the Xbone appealing.

Agreed. However if I were going to get a 3rd generation of crap, this is what I'd want to change :

1. Lower the price by removing unnecessary features - Less than half of 360 owners bought a Kinect, and that number is made mostly of the Kinect-bundled 360s.

2. Good exclusives - Out of every game they've got lined up for launch, the 3rd party multiplats are the best and that's a shame.

3. Remove everything except OMP ( Online) from the paywall that is LIVE - Same quality experience between it and PSN except one was free.

4. AA batteries? Play and charge kit? Scrap it and start over - Beautiful controller, archaic power solutions.

5. If they're sticking with the "Metro" style windows 8 design for the Dashboard, make it fully custom - I want to eliminate what I don't use. Otherwise make it similar to the XMB or the Wii U's menu systems, as they are simple and easy to navigate. I shouldn't feel like I'm always in an online store when I'm on the Dashboard.
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User Info: Lord_Ka1n

3 years ago#32
if microsoft wasnt in charge of it.
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