So Xbone got DR3 and PS4 got Deep Down

#21MasteroftheArtsPosted 9/10/2013 1:12:18 AM
zepfya posted...
Dark souls is the most overrated garbage ever, if deep down is anything like it no thanks. Anyone who enjoys dark souls, got serious issues.

Pretty much. Dark Souls is almost a direct copy of an old PC game called Blade of Darkness by Codemasters, which in turn borrowed some elements from games previous to it from the 90's. The style of combat, the difficulty, the zoned damage, the atmosphere. They literally took everything that BoD had and made a new game.

That said, the game is boring, rewards exploiting, and trial and error like crazy. Dark Souls is by any measure of design, a terrible game. The only reason why it's popular is because it makes for particularly funny let's plays due to its difficulty which has artificially inflated its popularity.

I will gladly take DR3. I know I'm getting a fun experience that, while won't last terribly long, will still hold my interest as a launch title should.
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