Why do people believe that the Xbone is on par with the PS4 in terms of power?

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If graphics matter that much to you, then you might want to go ahead and build yourself a capable gaming PC. In any case, I completely agree with the other guy who said that it's the games that matter, and not the platforms themselves. For that reason, I'm getting a PS4 at launch for Knack, an X1 for Forza 5... but wait, I've just realized that I also agree with you, and will be purchasing the PC versions of Battlefield 4, Watch Dogs, etc., because both next-generation consoles are too weak.

Can you build me a pc for $400 that would last me 10 years without needing to upgrade it?

No, and that's the beauty of it. It's what allows those willing to invest on it to appreciate the best graphics money can buy at any given time.

I'm sure you understand my response was shaped by your comment, right? You were the one talking about how specs matter because multi-platform titles will look better on the PS4, "because the xbone is weaker." You can't have it both ways, either specs and graphics do matter, or they don't. Had you mentioned cost in your post, I would have never bothered to reply because you'd have been correct.
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I'm not getting why this matters. Is this some kind of bragging rights thing like when one sports team beat another? If so, I'd suggest growing up a bit. They are just consoles.

For me, I'm getting an X1 because they have the games I like. Plus, my experience with playstation systems has been horrific with no support from Sony. I've had this problem with Sony products in general. That is why I don't buy them any more. I've had no such issue with the xbox. I know many did, but I didn't. My brother still has his original launch 360 which he plays every day.
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This topic is hilarious!

Xbots: "Both systems are equal in power except the PS4 is slightly more powerful!"

Lol, wut!?!? If that is the case then....THEY ARE NOT EQUAL!
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Denial, mostly.

And this guy says he's not a troll.

A minor improvement in hardware is still an improvement. If people even deny that such a small improvement wouldn't exist are in denial themselves. The numbers don't lie.
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You are a troll. That post was there to instigate and contribute nothing.
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You are a troll. That post was there to instigate and contribute nothing.

Wasn't instigating ****. I was answering the TC's question, which I think summed it up nicely with a quick answer. But here YOU are, picking a fight with me once again because unlike me, you're actually trying to piss people off.
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This is quickly becoming a fact!
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