Former Epic Games president joins Remedy board of directors

#1zerooo0Posted 9/11/2013 9:31:20 AM

Cheers to his new paying job.

Can't wait to play Quantum Break, X1 first new AAA franchise.
Starwars Battlefront+Destiny+Titanfall+Battlefield 4+Halo 5=Me in FPS heaven for these next few years.
#2pblimp360Posted 9/11/2013 1:21:34 PM
I had a feeling it was Mike Capps and imho they couldn't have found a better guy for the job.

I met him here in Chicago when they were promoting the first Gears of War, and he was cool as hell. A very likable person. Plus, I got to play Gears before anyone and on a big theater projection screen. :)
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