About the 180s, MS: "I love the fact that we are reactive and agile in that way"

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2 years ago#1
Microsoft Doesn't Feel Bad About Flip-Flopping On Xbox One Policies

^above is the article title


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2 years ago#2
Glad they care more about their customer concerns than being rigid enough never to react.

Oh crap...I forgot that's bad in this one singular situation.

My fault..I will get in line : DOWN WITH M$...ONLY GREEDY COMPANY IN THE WORLD!!
I will try and see it from your point of view, but I doubt we'll be able to fit both our heads up there.
2 years ago#3
Probably because there isnt a reason to feel bad. Why would they feel bad about making changes to an unfinished, unreleased product?
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2 years ago#4
Why should they feel bad? If you ask me they should feel good. They introduced policies that weren't favored by consumers so they changed them just as the consumers wanted.
2 years ago#5
Well you can't really blame them for changing the draconian policies. They where more punishing the consumers more than the pirates, or those who bought the used games.

I actually applause(If I'm using the word correctly) that MS saw those Preorder numbers go to the respective competition which is the PS4/Wii U, so MS naturally did what any corporation would do and react & try to fix the problem.

I personally loved the 180's and promises another gen with my 2 favorite franchises Halo & Forza.
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2 years ago#6
Let me post the quote they were making:

" we remain true to our vision that we want to be wherever our consumers want us to be. We think that digital consumption patterns will change and grow over time. We think that the Cloud gives you a level of sophistication, depth and breadth that people can only dream of. And overtime more people will embrace that.

That said, we want to offer consumers choice, including physical discs and being able to do all the things that they want with those physical discs. We want to be available in any format that our consumers are looking for. We've always been very committed to consumer choice."

"As a business, the minute we don't listen to our customers attentively, and adapt and react in an appropriate way, then we would be in a dangerous place," Lewis observed, when asked whether Microsoft could have stuck to its guns. "I love the fact that we are reactive and agile in that way. We remain true to our vision - digitally and physically - and we are genuinely in an enviable position versus anyone else in being able to deliver that. I wouldn't trade places with anybody.

I'd like to know where that was around E3 because it certainly wasn't there.
2 years ago#7
The only reason they should feel bad is about being unable to anticipate the negative reaction to begin with. Reversing unpopular policies is only a bad thing to the idiots screaming "hurr durr another 180 MS suckz lol" not to mention the proposed policies affected nobody, ever.
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2 years ago#8
Regardless of how you feel about these policy changes, a large corporation's capacity to be agile in this situation is rather impressive indeed.
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2 years ago#9
I wouldn't call announcing a online system after the Diablo 3/Simcity outrage "reactive" or "agile" it's as agile as being hit by a car that's driving at 5 miles a hour.
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2 years ago#10
I wouldn't give MS so much crap if it wasn't for their initial attitude and timing in getting rid of the policies.

People have always been negative to the idea of always online and even a service like Steam took a while for people to adopt.

Initial rumors of the DRM started up before the console reveal and people responded negatively and very vocally.

They Didn't change it.

People responded vocally and very negatively after the launch.

They Didn't change it.

When confronted with overwhelming negativity Microsoft said it was the future and that consumers would just have to get used to an always online console. E3 came around and once again MS received negative press.

They Didn't change it.

Pre-Order Numbers came in

"We at Microsoft value the opinions of our consumers..........."

I give them credit for changing their policies but they still tried to impose policies NO ONE wanted in the first place. I'm not attacking them but I don't understand how they're surprised when people are still responding negatively.
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