how GameStop and other companies can make money from digital gaming

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jarrett619 posted...
That's actually a pretty good idea. I like buying my games digital but I hate having to actually wait for the 3-4+ hour download.

At least now you can play the game while it downloads.
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It is similar to the DRM except its not DRM lol, you wouldn't need to be online or have you're console checked I just think this would be a very nice way to introduce people to digital gaming and ease them into the whole transition. Yes its pointless for some who have fast internet but others out there have the basic internet making it better to download off disc.
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Call me "old fashioned" but I like to OWN the things I PAY FOR. I also like lend out my SP games to friends/family once I beat them so THEY can enjoy them too. I like to take my SP games back to Gamestop for store Credit towards a NEW or sued game. So far everything I see about "digital only" is designed to DESTROY the 2nd hand re-sale market of USED games. This is something I am NOT in support of.

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X1-4Ever posted...
"isn't this basically what Xbox One was doing when the DRM was in place?"

Yep, but whiners whined and MS capitulated. And then they whined more.

And they're still whining.

This is a lesson as to why you should never listen to your customers. Just put out what you know is a good product and let them eat gravel if they don't like it. They'll whine either way.

People were not complaining about digital downloads. They were complaining about the mandatory check in.
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Also they should keep the regular CDs that work off that and also have the digital download CDs just so we have options and no one complains.. I honestly think this would work
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