CoD Ghosts get 15 fps on Xbone and 90 on Ps4 unoptimized!

#1Timmy124123Posted 9/11/2013 6:46:29 PM

Post as follows:

This is anecdotal from E3, but...

I've heard the architecture with the ESRAM is actually a major hurdle in development because you need to manually fill and flush it.

So unless MS's APIs have improved to the point that this is essentially automatic, the bandwidth and hardware speed are probably irrelevant.

For reference, the story going around E3 went something like this:

"ATVI was doing the CoD: Ghosts port to nextgen. It took three weeks for PS4 and came out at 90 FPS unoptimized, and four months on Xbone and came out at 15 FPS."
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I find this unlikely. Because Ghost is still running on an ancient engine.
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Yea, I stopped at this is anecdotal.

Nothing more than another unsubstantiated and doubtlessly bogus claim.
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More CBOAT nonsense? Or another Gaf poster pretending to know something?
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So... this is based on nothing but bull ****. Well done TC, this is a valuable and informative addition to any game forum. I can only hope there is more hard hitting topics like this in the future. >.>
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I'm really surprised anyone even replied to this post. Like seriously? How does 15 fps even sound like a real thing?
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DIVINExFABLE posted...
I'm really surprised anyone even replied to this post. Like seriously? How does 15 fps even sound like a real thing?

Not saying that the post is true, but seems like you don't know how porting works, and that this is talking about unoptimized.

The post is saying that just porting the engine took that long (3 weeks for the ps4, and 4 months for the xbox one), and once the engine had been ported, in an unoptimized state, the ps4 version ran at 90 fps and the xbox one version ran at 15 fps.

I've seen real account of devs porting engines and having games run at 1 fps unoptimized on consoles, but once optimization is done they've hit constant 30fps, so yeah 15 fps in an unoptimized state sounds like a very real thing.

What the post is implying is, that the xbox one architecture isn't simple, and requires a good amount of work to get a game running at a decent state after the porting of the engine is done, whereas the ps4's is a lot simpler, at least at the moment these devs did the engine porting for COD Ghosts.

But since this was a while ago, and IF this was true, MS could very well have addressed the issue and improved their development toolsets, and devs doing porting now may not be seeing such a huge difference (or any difference at all) in terms of unoptimized performance right after porting an engine compared to the ps4.
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So, 15 + 90 = Xbox One 105fps. Not bad...
#9LOLKNlCKSPosted 9/11/2013 6:58:37 PM
That would explain why you can't find game footage of third party games running on Xbox One dev kits at all. Everything has either been shown on PC or PS4 dev kits.

Wow, that's terrible.
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and hea wee gooo againnnn