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So who here is playing Destiny?
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Played it? Rate it! What did you rate the Xbone here on Gamefaqs? (Poll)JiZamez27/25 1:09AM
the drinking games in Watch_Dogs... when do they get hard?Mr_Lightbulb67/25 12:44AM
Cha-Ching, XBROS! Pinball FX2 coming to XBOX ONE, Tables transfer from XBOX 360!
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Solnot197/25 12:13AM
Were all focusing on the wrong thing when it comes to xbox one power.
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clownbrownies247/24 11:42PM
On a scale of 1 to 10, how would most XBROS rate the Destiny beta so far? (Poll)
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Solnot217/24 11:36PM
Sunset Overdrive is a great example of Art Style taking priority
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zerooo0157/24 11:08PM
My only concern about DestinyoJoRdAn23o47/24 11:08PM
So... destiny on current vs last gen...nickr2d227/24 11:02PM
DOOM Xbox One will be "nitpicked to death" if we show gameplay too soon
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BoneRevolution847/24 10:33PM
Will XB1 and Wii U form an alliance?
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squon8888147/24 10:03PM
The new(?) achievements tab is pretty great!AceAndJunpei27/24 10:00PM
Destiny beta is open - No more code beggin' necessary.
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cheezedadada307/24 10:00PM
So FPS is the best genre. but why? (Poll)
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iamjosh308337/24 9:39PM
How long until 3rd party controllers start showing up?Gunvalkyrie217/24 9:35PM
Which Platform is best for which Genre?GladiatorDanger87/24 9:27PM
What Destiny needs to be automatic GOTYTrigg3rH4ppy57/24 9:10PM
has anybody sold a xbox one headset to gamestop yet?Nintendo198937/24 8:54PM
Naughty dog vs Bungie? (Poll)
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Brunozayn517/24 8:26PM
Most people crying about Destinys MP are justvelvet_hammer47/24 8:19PM