X1 > Xbone

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Xbone until the end of time.
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MS bought the Xbone domain, so...
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TBONE_OG posted...
The One.

Neo? Sorry, bad joke.

Since I've decided to be less negative,(since you aren't going to convince me to give microsoft money, and I'm not going to convince you not to) I've been posting "xb1" when referencing it.
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TreasureHunterG posted...
XBOne > X1
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shawntew9935 posted...
Ps4 equates to Xb1.

Xbone equates to Psour.

I can agree with this . X1 is good but ultimately I think I would call it XB1 more.
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Choose your poison.
X1uts or Boners
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looselink posted...



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sorry nope. X1 is a Cellphone that is actually made by ...(giggle) Sony. :)

The Xbone is the official name of the next console made by microsoft.
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BlueJester007 posted...
McDonald's French Fries > Wendy's French Fries

Get out.