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Gamers are to blame for the entertainment studio closingExtremelyFatGuy87/22 7:56PM
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Dragon Age: Inquisition has straight, bisexual and gay romances because..
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Reichmaster01657/22 7:42PM
The Last of Us Remaster vs. The Master Chief Collection.
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LooksLikeRain467/22 7:41PM
Torn between MS and Sony...
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PotatoHog257/22 7:34PM
Beta codestrevelynzx27/22 7:26PM
X-BOYS! Are which games are you excited on? (Poll)ItchyTasty9377/22 7:20PM
Xbox fans spent the last 7 years making fun of Sonys sales and success...
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BlackFeathers1877/22 7:16PM
Does the xbox one download while you play games or watch netflix?skip_dog67/22 7:05PM
Let's Go Pro, XBROS! Microsoft is strapping a GoPro channel to XBOX ONE's Face!Solnot27/22 7:04PM
So the mic boom on my stereo headset broke.Zemata17/22 6:54PM
Destiny Beta Codes (Closed)tigers512327/22 6:51PM
At what point do we admit defeat, and accept 2nd place?
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YtBoysHavNoLips447/22 6:45PM
I have a destiny beta code to give away...
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RuinerEraser167/22 6:43PM
You realise that resolution is not the main problem.Gothmogz97/22 6:41PM
Can anyone give me a beta code please? xbox onecybetox67/22 6:39PM